All in one place – 188Bet, place your bets!”

188Bet is one of the most popular online betting sites for professional punters, for one simple reason – it offers offer more possibilities than most of its competitors. Boasting of higher odds than even the biggest betting exchanges, 188Bet is truly a remarkable site to play on. And it does not end there, for 188Bet has numerous sections where you can earn good money. We will concentrate on the betting and live-betting sections, but just so you know – there are also possibilities to play online casino, live casino, poker, bet on stocks (financial bets), as well as the growing trend of Keno. Oh, and for the gamers out there, 188Bet has included an eSports section, where you can bet on DOTA, League of Legends and other MMORPG games.

Number one place for the professionals

If you are looking to step up your game and try to make a living off sports betting, 188Bet could be the perfect match for you. Its sports section is so vast that you can immense yourself into in-depth analysis for hours. This is what the pros do. They spend numerous hours browsing through the different sections, finding the less famous games and making use of the high odds offered. Football, basketball, tennis and ice hockey are the most popular sports, but you can also find niche sections like field hockey and snooker/pool, among others. In addition to the standard 1X2 bets, 188Bet always offers special odds – handicaps, goal scorers, half-time scores etc. Hence, if you are looking to go deeper into the world of betting, this is the No. 1 place to go.

Not for beginners

188Bet is clearly made for punters with experience, as the site is quite complicated, and it could take you some time to get used to it. If you are completely new to the world of online betting, we would recommend some other more general sites. 188Bet is filled to the brink with special odds, which could be hard to browse through unless you are familiar with them. No idea about Asian handicaps and Winning margins? Then it is better to stay away until you are more comfortable with online betting in general.

Live odds and streaming

188Bet is great when it comes to in-play odds, as it offers betting on live matches from all over the world. Football is a speciality, but you can also find in-play odds on other sports. Since it is wise to see the match live while betting on in-play odds, 188Bet gives its players the opportunity to live-stream most fixtures, including big Premier League clashes. This is simply brilliant, especially if you do not have access to sports channels on your TV.

Special offers and promotions

As professional players know, it is not about the welcome package, but the loyalty schemes and special promotions that matter. 188Bet has a great deposit bonus which will double your money once you deposit, but it is their loyalty scheme and weekly promos that can really prove to be lucrative. Whenever in doubt, you can contact the support team through live chat and ask for available offers – they are simply brilliant when it comes to providing great customer service.


“Being a punter is fun, and profitable – if you play at Coral!”

If you live in the UK, there is absolutely no chance that you have not heard about Coral. They are, in fact, one of the biggest betting companies in the world, with almost two thousand betting shops in the United Kingdom alone. Coral is part of a huge group of companies, called the Gala Coral Group at the moment. However, recent news claimed that Coral would be merging with Ladbrokes in a move that will make the company’s overall value rise to more than £2 billion. But we are not here to discuss their corporate policies or embark on a journey through their numerous betting shops. We are here to tell you about their website.

User-friendly, intuitive design

Coral has a great website that is a favourite among punters wishing to place their stakes online instead of finding the nearest shop. It is much easier to play online, and Coral has done its very best to make sure the design hits the spot. The registration process is very fast – it should not take you more than a minute to have an account ready. Within the next minute, you should have been able to deposit some funds. In fact, the whole process of starting to bet at Coral is a straight-forward experience.

Huge selection of bets

The betting menu boasts of an amazing selection. Coral has one of the best teams of odds compilers in the world; hence, it is not a surprise that its offers bets on basically every single sport out there ‒ every single competition, both national and international ones. Additionally, Coral is famous for releasing odds on different non-sports events, like entertainment shows, political elections and similar, all of which means that you can make money off just about anything.

Deposit and withdraw on a whim

With enormous amounts of experience and plenty of solid years behind its back, Coral made sure that its players could deposit and withdraw money without any hassle. Every single known deposit method is offered, and, where possible, you are always able to withdraw to the same method. Since millions are playing on Coral, there are some occasional problems with authorising the withdrawals, but you can usually expect the money to leave your Coral account within 24 hours.

Bonuses and special offers

Coral is a big company, so you should not expect overwhelming bonus amounts from them. They simply do not need to attract attention through ridiculous offers that look too good to be true. Instead, you get free bets every now and then, and Coral is known to launch cool promotions on a regular basis. The deposit bonus is still good, though.

Overall impression

Betting at Coral is fun, easy and the array of bets is simply huge. Since it has so many customers from all over the world and from different generations, the site is quite generic and built to accommodate every type of punter. This could be a bit boring for the younger crowd who are looking for something fresh and creative. At the same time, you always know what to expect at Coral ‒ always great service, always good odds, big selection of bets and special events. Their tiny cons are totally in the shadows of the advantages.

ComeOn! in the winnings are great!

ComeOn! has taken online sports booking to another level by creating a site that places their guests at ease. This well designed and technologically up-to-date website seems to move agreeably with your eyes. There are no distractions, just information that addresses you but doesn’t startle you.


ComeOn! is like a welcome by a friend; join in for a conversation and some good old-fashioned game time fun! Sure the place looks great, but when the games start and the deck is dealt there is no holding back.


The list of available gaming options is succinct yet to the intended point. The bonuses are quite visible and upon opening to this page, they are the only true content that stands out. Because of the uncluttered and tidy quality of this site, maneuvering to and through the links of interest are made quite simple. But don’t let this conservative approach fool you, this is a punting utopia.




Where would a well-designed sportsbook site be without incentives? Of course ComeOn! welcomes you with a casino and sports bonus of 100% up to €25 Euros. Certainly not the biggest you’ve heard of, but wait! There’s more. With all of the other promotions available, ComeOn! is confident that every punter will find a game and bonus promotion to suit their needs. From the forecast of premier league predictions with up to €10,000 at stake, to the tournaments offered every Tuesday and Thursday, lotteries in their ComeOn! shop and cash out option – you are always a winner.


Games, games, games!


From the five options of betting on the landing page, there are a myriad of choices for your wagering enjoyment. Sports are covered from A to Z, from American football, tennis, football, basketball, snooker, water polo and all points in between. Live betting is also available to take your sporting fun to the next level. But it doesn’t stop there.


There are 580 casino games to choose from! And added to that is the live casino selection. Here you can indulge in blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat to name a few. Over 470 of the casino games are video slots which provide non-stop action and continuous winning.


ComeOn! also provides the dedicated punters with multiple games with progressive jackpots. These are available on video slots, scratch tickets, video poker, Caribbean stud, and 3D horse racing. ComeOn!’s largest progressive jackpot win to date has been €17 million! I know you can see yourself spending that kind of cash on every dream you’ve ever had.


Deposit/Withdrawal and Points


ComeOn! has a number of deposit and withdrawal methods for your convenience, including Visa and MasterCard, of course, as well as click to pay, Bank Transfer, Paysafe, Entropay, Neteller and many others. There are loyalty points available to spend in their ComeOn! shop or exchange for free money bonuses of different amounts, or merchandise.



ComeOn! Has presented a fantastic product with staying power. Though new to the scene ComeOn! stands tall in a forest of sportsbook giants. From their technologically sound site and app, to the vast amount of gaming options, ComeOn! is an invitation worth accepting.